Self Financed B.Ed. is succefully running in Degree College Agastyamuni with  total 55 seats. B.Ed. is a one year degree course approved by National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), Jaipur & affiliated to Sridev Suman Uttarakhand University, Tehri Garhwal. All the students who have appeared and passed in the Entrance Examination conducted by Sridev Suman Uttarakhand University, Tehri Garhwalare eligible to be considered for admission, which is on Merit Bases. Teachers play a very important role in a student's life. It is, to a great extent, the teachers who decide the shape a student's life will take. So, it is very necessary to be adequately equipped with resources that will make the teacher a perfect role model to the students. To achieve this, Bachelor of Education or B. Ed was introduced, which will teach a person about teaching and the various aspects associated with teaching.
Once a person completes the Bachelor of Education (B. Ed) coaching or training, then he is awarded with a B.Ed. Degree.

Content Description
Number of Seats 55
Method of Admission Through Entrance Test Conducted by Sridev Suman Uttarakhand University, Tehri Garhwal