Hostel's Information

Providing hostel facilities to students both boys and girls have been a priority of the College especially for those students who come from rural areas. The College is making all efforts to construct new hostels to meet the growing demand of students from outside for the facility and thus tremendous progress has been made in this direction. Detailed information regarding the type of accommodation of the hostels, procedure of allotment of hostel accommodation, rules governing residence in the hostels, fee, etc., is available in the Office. The status of the hostel's accommodation is shown in the table below.

S.No. Name of the Hostel Name of the Warden Location Type of Accommodation
in each Room
Housing Capacity



Boy Hostel


Dr. Jitendra Singh (Deptt. of English)

Mob. No.:+91- 8006167666

College Campus




60 Beds




Girl Hostel



College Campus




30 Beds