Games & Sports

A.P.B. Govt. P.G. College Agastyamuni, Rudraprayag

Annual Indoor Sports in Brief

Session 2020-21

Sports are an integral part of the total education system. It helps in the attainment of the ultimate aim of education i.e. the achievement of holistic development. Sports play a vital role in the student’s life. The sports develop discipline, the sprit of sportsmanship and inculcate the qualities of team sprit and leadership among the students. Anusuya Prasad Bahuguna Government Post Graduate College Agastyamuni, Rudraprayag held the 46th annual indoor sports meet from 16th April to 17 April 2021. 

 The event started on 16th April 2021 morning with an inaugural ceremony with lightening of lamps and ribbon cutting by our esteemed Principal Professor Pushpa Negi.

The sports events were started which include Badminton Men & Women (Single and Doubles), Table Tennis Men & Women’s (single and Doubles), Chess Men’s and Women’s and Carrom, Men’s and Women’s (Single and Doubles).  All sports were played and enjoyed and facilitated by both students and faculties.   The in-charge of this annual indoor sport was Dr Naveen Chandra Khanduri and the members of the sports committees are Dr Shiv Prasad, Dr Abida, Dr Nidhi Chabra, Dr Sudhir Petwal and Mr Madan Singh Negi. The following is the summary of winners in indoor games.

Indoor Games (Results)

  1. Badminton
  2. Table Tennis
  3. Chess  
  4. Carrom

1  Badminton: - (Women’s- Single)

First Place       -           Km. Anjali Negi (B.Sc. Vth Sem)

Second Place  -           Km. Asmita (B.A. 2nd Year)

Third Place     -           Km. Mamta (B.A. 2nd Year)

Badminton: - (Men’s- Single)

First Palace     -           Chetan Rawat (B.Sc. 1st Year)

Second Place  -           Vipin Prasad(B.Sc. 1st Year))

Third Place     -           Vijay Kumar Tolia (M.Sc. I Sem)

Badminton: - (Women’s- Double)

First Palace     -           Km. Anjali Negi (B.Sc. Vth Sem)

                                    Km. Suman Thapliyal ( B.Cm. Vth Sem)

Second Place  -           Km. Mamta (B.Ed. 2nd Year)

                                    Km. Sudha (B.Ed. 2nd Year)

Badminton: - (Men’s- Double)

First Palace     -           Chetan Rawat (B.Sc. 1st Year)

                                    Navdeep Soniyal (B.Sc. 1st Year)

Second Place  -           Prateek Singh Negi (B.Ed 1st Year))

                                    Vijay Kumar Tolia (M.Sc. I Sem)

  1. Table Tennis - (Women’s- Single)

First Palace     -           Km. Priti (B.Ed.2nd Year)

Second Place  -           Km. Kanchan (B.Ed.2nd Year)

Third Place     -           Km. Manisha (B.Ed.2nd Year)

Table Tennis: - (Men’s- Single)

First Palace     -           Mayank Panwan (B.Ed. 1st Year)

Second Place  -           Prateek Singh Negi (B.Ed. 1st Year))

Third Place     -           Nitin Gaur (B.Ed. 1st Year)

Table Tennis: - (Women’s- Double)

First Palace     -           Km.Mukta Das (B.Ed 2nd Year)

                                    Km. Km. Kanchan ( B.Ed. 2nd Year)

Second Place  -           Km. Ekta Bhatt (B.Ed. 2nd Year)

                                    Km. Monika  (B.Ed. 2nd Year)

Table Tennis: - (Men’s- Double)

First Palace     -           Prateek Negi (B.Ed 1st Year)

                                    Nitin Singh (B.Ed. 1st Year)

Second Place  -           Mayank Panwar (B.Ed 1st Year))

                                    Nitin Gaur (B.Ed. 1st Year)

  1. Carrom - (Women’s- Single)

First Palace     -           Km. Rinka (B.Ed.1st Year)

Second Place  -           Km. Himani (B.Ed.1st Year)

Carrom: - (Men’s- Single)

First Palace     -           Vishnu Dutt Uniyal (B.A. 2nd Year)

Second Place  -           Prithvi Raj( M.A 1st Sem.)

Carrom: - (Women’s- Double)

First Palace     -           Km.Diksha Kandari (B.Ed 1st Year)

                                    Km.Manisha ( B.Ed. 1st Year)

Second Place  -           Km. Jyoti (B.Com. 1st Year)

                                    Km. Sarita (B.Com.1st Year)

Carrom: - (Men’s- Double)

First Palace     -           Prithvi Raj (M.A 1st Sem)

                                    Vishnu  (B.A 2nd Year)

Second Place  -           Yogendra  (B.Sc. 5th Sem.)

                                    Divyanshu (B.Sc. 5th Sem.)

  1. Chess - (Women’s)

First Palace     -           Km. Jyoti  (B.Com. 1st Sem.)

Second Place  -           Km. Diksha Kandari (B.Ed.1st Year)

Third Place     -           Kanchan (B.Ed. 2nd Year.)

Chess: - (Men’s)

First Palace     -           Yogesh Bhatt (B. Sc. 5th Sem.)

Second Place  -           Lavkush Sriansh Bhatt( M.Sc. 3rd Sem.)

Third Place -               Ankit Dangwal (B.Sc. 5th Sem.)