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Department of Mathematics: The Department of Mathematics came into existence in 1979 with the commencement of Under-Graduate classes and PG level in 2005.  We offer B.A./ B.Sc. and M.A/ M.Sc. programme in under-graduate and postgraduate levels.  Currently 120 seats in B.Sc. (PCM) & 30 seats in M.Sc. are sanctioned by the University. Department of Mathematics is one of the top most departments in the college. The department focus on Quality-Teaching & Research oriented activities. Our faculty members specialize in various areas of algebra, analysis and applied mathematics. The Department has acquired more than 500 reference books of higher Mathematics. The Department has well qualified and experienced faculty. Our modes of teaching are White board & marker, Power point presentation, Group discussions, Puzzle solving, Conducting seminars etc. We are also planning for opening new specializations at Post Graduate level, Inter-disciplinary work with other departments, Enhancing the skills and excellences, Making the academic environment, To introduce more innovative teaching methods, To organize the National & International conferences/ seminars/ workshops etc. Presently three permanent faculty members are working in the department: Dr. Shiv Prasad (Head & Assistant Professor), Dr. Sudheer Petwal (Assistant Professor) & Dr. Virendra Prasad (Assistant Professor). We live along this beutiful line  "Mathematics reveals its secrets only to those who approach it with pure love, for its own beauty".

Department Of Chemistry: The Department of Chemistry in PG College Agastyamuni, Rudraprayag came into existence in 1979-80 with the Under-Graduate classes’ and later upgraded to Post Graduate level in 2009-10.Currently 360 seats in B.Sc. & 15 seats in M.Sc. are sanctioned by the University. Initially affiliated under Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University and now under with Sri Dev Suman University. Chemistry department forms a subject combination with Physics and Mathematics as well as botany and zoology.The department is well equipped with Potentiometer, Colorimeter, Polari meter, Digital balances, pH-meters, Electrical ovens, Melting point apparatus, PC/TLC apparatus, Extraction unit, Centrifuge etc.maintained in instrumental room and contains good stock of chemicals and glassware sin store room. The well maintained laboratory has 40 work stations; methodically arranged reagents in different tables with proper labelling and proper disposal of laboratory wastes.In addition to the college library the department also possess a well maintained departmental library with a collection of more than 550 best text books/references books for the PG students. Presently three faculty members are working in the department: Ms. Chandrakala Negi (Assistant Professor), Dr. Manisha Dobhal  (Guest faculty) and Mr. Deepak Patel (Guest faculty).

Department of Physics: UG classes (B.Sc.) were started in the department in 1979. In 2008 M.Sc. was sanctioned by HNB Garhwal University in the department. Later semester system was introduced in 2011. Presently the courses in the department are affiliated to Sri Dev Suman Uttarakhand Vishwavidyalaya, Badshahithaul (SDSUV).                                            

Courses Being Run Currently

B.Sc. (PCM)

  • Six semester course (Affiliated from SDSUV).
  • Seats allotted : 120

M.Sc. (Physics)

  • Four semester course (Affiliated from SDSUV).
  • Seats allotted : 15

Faculty Details

  • Total Posts Sanctioned : 03
  • Posts Currently Occupied : 03                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Dr. B.V. Tripathi            Assistant Professor & HOD                                         Teaching Experience : 16 years

          Mr. Anuj Kumar             Assistant Professor                                                     Teaching Experience : 01 years

           Dr. Deepali Raturi        Assistant Professor (Temporary Lecturer)                Teaching Experience : 03 year

Department Of Botany: Department came into existance in 1996 and from then till 2004 it was in its embryonic stage, after acquiring its Postgraduate (PG) status  in 2005 (10 seats) it has grown to ots seedling stage and no longer it will tape to grow its full height as the department is well equipped with all the modern equipment like- centrifuge, Microtone, Laminar airflow, electric shaper, Auto Clave Machine, Electrical Pan /balance, Microbiological chamber, Overhead Projector etc. Lecturer in Botany Dept. are Dr. Hariomsharan Bahuguna, Dr.Kamlapati Chamoli, Dr. Vishwakarma, Dr. Prakash Chandra and Dr. Pratibha Balooni.

Department Of Zoology : This is a Post-Graduate department which has initially affiliated under Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University Srinagar later on Sri Dev Suman University became the affiliating University. The department was established in 1996 subsequently, it was upgraded as a Post Graduate in 2005 with 10 seats. Currently 240 seats in B.Sc. (ZBC) & 15 seats in M.Sc. are sanctioned by the University. In addition to the college library the department also possess well maintained library with a collection of 500 reference books for the post graduate students. PG laboratory are well equipped to learn basic laboratory skills and basic technical skills, the major laboratory equipments are CENTRIFUGE, SPECTROPHOTOMETER, BOD CHAMBER, AUTOCLAV, PH METER, LAMINAR AIRFLOW CHAMBER, AGAROSE GEL ELECROPHOROSIS UNIT, MICROTOME, STUDENT MICROSCOPE, STERIO ZOOM MICROSCOPE, COMPUTER WITH INTERNET FACILITY, DEEP FREEZER, WATER SHAKER BATH, DISTILLATION PLANT, CHROMATOGRAPHY CHAMBER ETC. Teaching is done in a very scientific manner with the help of LCD, Overhead projectors, Slide projector.  The important academic contribution of faculty member is that running major research project under Science & Engineering Research Board (S.E.R.B) (S.E.R.B).F.No.E.C.R./20 16/001291/ Date 21-03-2017, have further strengthen the department. The department has qualified and experienced faculty. Presently three permanent faculty members are working in the department: Dr. Naveen Chandra Khanduri (Assistant Professor) & Dr. Anjana Farswan (Assistant Professor).

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