Department Of Science

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Department Of History : Established in the year 1988. Deparment was promoted to Post Graduate course in 2004. Presently 01 faculty members (DR.ANURAG MISHRA) is working in the department.

Department Of Botnay : Department came into existance in 1996 and from then till 2004 it was in its embryonic stage, after acquiring its Postgraduate (PG) status  in 2005 (10 seats) it has grown to ots seedling stage and no longer it will tape to grow its full height as the department is well equipped with all the modern equipment like- centrifuge, Microtone, Laminar airflow, electric shaper, Auto Clave Machine, Electrical Pan /balance, Microbiological chamber, Overhead Projector etc. Lecturer in Botany Dept. are Dr. Hariomsharan Bahuguna, Dr.Kamlapati Chamoli and Dr. Pratibha Balooni

Department Of Zoology : Established in 1996 with UG Classes. It was promoted in PG in 2005 with 10 seats. Since its commencement it has been producing knowledgeable student who are now employed in various department. The departmental laboratory is well equipped with all sorts of essential apparatus/equipments and instruments, which have facilited to all requirment of student and teacher. At present Dr.Ram Babu Verma is the incharge of Zoology department and Dr.Shahid S. siddique is working as a visiting Lecturer both of them are engaged in research and extracurricular activities of the department. Recently University has increased five more seats in current session 2009-2010 Time to time get together session in Zoology department also enhances the better knowledge to the UG & PG Level students. Lecturers in the departments are Dr.Pankaj Bahuguna, Dr.Naveen Chandra Khanduri and Dr.Anjana Farswan.