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Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

  1. The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) course was started in the year 2008 under self-finance mode.
  2. It is recognized by the National Council of Teachers Education (NCTE).
  3. B.Ed. degree course was initially affiliated with the HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar (Garhwal), but now, it is affiliated with the Sri Dev Suman University, Badshahithol, Tehri (Garhwal).
  4. So far, eight bathes have passed their degree course successfully. The batch year 2019-21 comprising of 48 students, are pursuing their B.Ed. course.
  5. NCTE has approved a unit of 50 students for APB Govt. PG College, Agastyamuni with teachers ratio of 1- Head of Department,7- Assistant Professor and 1-Physical Education Teacher.
  6. Presently, the following teaching and non-teaching staffs are positioned:

Teaching Staff:

  1. Dr. Manju Kathait, Head of Department
  2. Sh. Pramod Rawat, Assistant Professor (Maths)
  3. Sh. Arvind Sajwan, Assistant Professor (Biological Science)
  4. Sh. Sunil Bhatt, Assistant Professor (Physical Science)
  5. Smt. Soni Arya, Assistant Professor (Social Science)
  6. Sh. Madan Negi, Assistant Professor (Physical Education)

Non-Teaching Staff:

  1. Sh, Santosh Jamloki, Librarian
  2. Sh. Manoj Bartwal, Clerk
  3. Sh. Bhanu Pratap Singh, Accountant
  4. Sh. Deepak Semwal, Lab Technician
  5. Sh. Hanumant Kunwar, Peon
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